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Can we help you?

You want to get published in an international scientific journal and would like to improve your paper to meet the international standards and editorial requirements of leading journals.

You are new to article writing and need some advice. Supervisors are often very busy. Maybe you need practical advice from a senior scientist.

You would like to improve the analysis and visual presentation of your data.

You are busy and would like to get some feedback from another researcher to improve the clarity of your paper.

You need help with a literature search to select relevant articles for reference.






Develop Your Article

We will help you write a manuscript that meets the international scientific standards
and could be published within a reasonable time.

We will pay attention to points that improve your manuscript.


We focus on substantive editing and will help you to:

Write an introduction to convince the editors and referees of the importance of your
research idea.

Put your paper in the context of current research in the field.

Present the results precisely, with appropriate statistics, tables and figures.

Visualize the data in a reader-friendly way.

Interpret the ecological meaning of the results.

Write an interesting and comprehensible discussion.

Write concise conclusions supported by the data.


We will also help you to:

Assess the quality and scientific value of your study.

Understand the expectations of journal editors.

Find the right journal.

Do a literature search and choose relevant articles for reference.


We will help you to answer the reviewer's comments and write the revised version afterwards. This will be included in the price for the first time you use our editing service.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think we can assist you.

If you don't know or are unsure what to write to the discussion of your scientific article, you are on the right websites. 



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