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English Editor

Mark Waller

I am a native English speaker with a solid experience of translating and editing a wide range of texts. My aim in each case is to make sure that your publication is edited into fluent and accurate English and meets the English requirements of high quality scientific journals.



I have edited scientific articles in English for a number of leading journals, among them Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Plant and Soil, European Journal of Soil Science, Vadose Zone Journal, and the European Journal of Soil Biology.

Scientific Editors

We have 20 years of academic writing and editing experience in preparing material on ecological and environmental studies for publication. Our particular focus concerns plant and soil biology and biochemistry studies. 

We have conducted scientific research and published the results in leading journals. By understanding experimental constraints, we have a good knowledge of  experimental results, as well as the wider context in which your article is being put forward. 

We have extensive experience of interacting with top tier journals. In recent years we have written up to 10 peer-reviews annually for scientific journals, including Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Plant and Soil, Geoderma, Mycorrhiza, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, FEMS-Microbiology Ecology, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and Botany.


Oili Kiikkilä (Ph.D)

I was born in Finland in 1964. I completed the doctoral degree of Agriculture and Forestry in the field of Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 2002. My thesis was entitled "Bioremediation Through Mulching with Organic Matter of Soil Polluted by a Copper-Nickel Smelter". I am an adjunct professor (Docent) of Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

My areas of expertise are soil biology and biochemistry, carbon and nutrient cycling, forest ecology, soil organic matter, heavy metals and their association with soil organic matter. My samples have mostly been forest soils and waters leached from forests or wetlands. I have expertise in making statistical analyses and multivariate data-analyses. I have had 15 scientific articles published as the first author, and several papers as a co-author. 

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Lu Min Vaario (Ph.D)

I was born in China, and completed the doctoral degree of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1996. My thesis was focused on establishment of advanced tissue techniques in woody plants. Since then I have been working in Japan, China and Finland and have broad knowledge about plant morphology, mycorrhiza, soil microbiology and fungal ecology.

I also have been lecturing in related research fields in English, Chinese and Japanese languages. If necessary, the support in above three languages is possible. I am an adjunct professor (Docent) of Mycology at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

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