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I write this blog with the aim to help researchers to write and publish scientific articles. The issues arise mostly from my experience in reading articles that I have got to edit. Secondly, they arise from researchers' efforts to publish articles.

I use real cases as examples, but I change the text so that the authors cannot be recognized.

These are my personal opinions, and anyone is free to disagree. We can discuss all aspects related to scientific writing and publishing.

I encourage researchers to share their experiences about review process in different journals. How long did it take, did you feel the review fare? Feel free to comment here.

I also encourage everyone to write their experience about the journal to SciRev sites https://scirev.org/.
Within these free and non-commercial sites, you can share your experience with the scientific review process and select an efficient journal for submitting your manuscripts.

I'm pleased to hear if you find these posts useful or interesting. If you have any ideas you would like me to share my experience, please contact.

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Friday, August 10, 2018, 11:10

There are many essay writing services available. First of all, I want to say that we in EcoSciEdit and essay writing services are not competitors. We have different tasks and aims. Essay writing services promise to write the whole stories, from research articles to the thesis, by themselves. Using this kind of a service may fit to students or other persons not aiming to be researchers themselves. However, it is not any good system for students or anyone aiming to achieve a researcher career, in my opinion.

This is because by writing the articles yourself, you can develop yourself to be a better researcher. By reading what the other researchers have been doing, you will learn to do better research yourself. Only by knowing what is going on in the science of your research area, you can find out the research questions that would be interesting to the international audience.

When you build your next study around this novel question, you will get it easier accepted by higher-quality journals. Although good writing helps in publishing, doing science is not only writing. Science is, of course, having relevant research questions and answers to them. It is really several years of hard work to be on that high level in science. I believe that almost no one is at that level after finishing a PhD.

So, our EcoSciEdit editing and writing service is not competing with essay writing services. We aim to teach you writing. Our aim is that you do not need our service for ever. By using an essay writing service, you will need this service for ever. And most importantly, without reading a lot of articles already published, you will never find out the correct research questions that the international scientific journals are eager to publish.

In fact, I do not understand how someone not familiar to the research area in question is able to write a Discussion. An editor can write something, of course, but I do not believe that it is of reasonable scientific quality. Or it can be of reasonable quality, but in that situation, it needs much work. Writing even a short discussion needs many days of work, because you must search for articles and read many of them and compare your results to previously published. Therefore, I do not understand, how a Discussion is possible to be written by someone outsider with a cheap price. Anyone knowing that, please tell me.

I think that the system where someone else than the researchers themselves write the articles does not fit to the science, and that is why I do not act as a 'ghost writer'. I want to develop the manuscripts together with the authors. I believe that the authors can learn to write themselves in the long run and start to write better articles in the future.

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