Scientific Writing Help/ Substantive Editing 
0.15 - 0.30 euros per word.  

 This includes (according to your preferences):
1. Free first assessment where we give one major comment and assess how we can help you further.
You get a quote and after this, you decide if you want to continue.

2. Comments and detailed suggestions to improve
- content of the article,
- structure of your article,
- presentation of the results,
- data-analyses and visualization, 
- coherence and flow of the article and
- clarity and readability of your text.

3. Unlimited rounds of commenting (we) and revising (you).
4. Rewriting for clarity and readability.
5. Complete English language check (native speaker).
6. Help to
- interpret the results,
- assess whether the references are relevant,
- find relevant references,
- find the interesting aspects to discuss and
- put your paper in the context of current research in the field.    

7. Support and advice you throughout the publication process 
We help you with 
- selecting the journal,
- suggesting potential reviewers,
- journal instructions,
- formatting,
- submitting and
- communication with the editor.

8. Help in writing the revision after reviewer comments 

Words are counted with figures and tables but without the reference list.
English editing by a native speaker is 0.05 euros per word.

You can choose the services that are best suited to your needs. 

Send us your manuscript.
You will get one free comment to improve your article and a quote.
Start with a fixed price of 750 € (euros) (850 $).  

Your documents and personal information will be confidential.

Article submission
and communication with the editor throughout the publishing process.
200 euros per article 
Writing responses to reviewer comments
and help in modifying the text accordingly.
50 euros per response 
Pre-Peer Review
with constructive comments and a cover letter. 
300 euros per article. (See the expertise) 
Literature search
to find and select relevant references.
50 euros per 5 references
Writing an article
based on your thesis or article draft.
1000 - 2000 euros per 1000 words. 
Visualization and data-analyses
50 euros per hour. 
You can liaise with us until you are satisfied with the manuscript and ready to submit it for publication. 
Journal cover letter
is always included
free of charge.  
The service strives to help authors produce publishable articles. However, it does not guarantee acceptance for publication in any journal. The authors bear final responsibility for the content of the article.
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