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How can I develop my writing? 
What should I write to the Discussion and Introduction?
How can I save time?
How can I convince editors?
How do I get better reviewer comments?

If you are looking for answers to these questions or if you are struggling with writing a scientific article or thesis dealing with Ecological and Environmental Sciences, you are on the right websites. 

You can get advice from our Scientific Writing Help.  

We offer personalised services for scientific writing and editing with the aim to get your article published in a reasonable time. 

We focus on the scientific content and want to maximize the impact of your research.

We want to increase the level of your scientific writing and thus the level of your research in the long run. Our idea is to assist you in getting the most out of your own writing.

Improve your writing and the chances of getting your articles accepted by international scientific journals. 

Start by reading our free
Our leading thought is to develop the manuscripts together with authors, because you are the best experts of your study.

The cornerstone in our work is the personal contact with discussions by Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, imo etc.

Your article will be commented, edited and rewritten both by a PhD-qualified scientist and a professional English grammar expert.

If necessary, the support in Chinese and Japanese is possible. 

You can liaise with us until you are satisfied with the manuscript and ready to submit it for publication. 

What Can We Do For You?

We provide professional help to write and develop your article in English. We guide you to write your article so that it meets the scientific standards. We also guide you through the publication process of preparing scientific articles.

We concentrate on the scientific content of the article and provide substantive scientific editing. We help you to improve the overall presentation of the research. 

Our service is flexible. You can choose the best for your needs. We comment, edit and rewrite your article with the aim to help you to publish the article.

We also teach you to write a publishable scientific article yourself. With our assistance, you can raise your own scientific writing skills to the next level and succeed in publishing. 

Who Are We?

We are senior scientists with 20 years of experience in doing research and publishing our own articles in high impact factor scientific journals. 

We understand the research process from research proposal and experimental design planning through laboratory- and data analyses and article writing to the final acceptance of the article. We will help you with our experience in interacting with journal editors as authors and reviewers.

Our experience is in the fields of ecology, biology, chemistry, microbiology and biochemistry.
We particularly specialize in:
– Environmental issues, agronomy, forestry or other land use.
– Soil, plant and water sciences.

A professional native speaker English editor belongs to our team. 

Our Services

Scientific Writing and Publishing Help /
Develop Your Article / Substantive Editing

Substantive editing is editing not only at the sentence, paragraph or at the section level. It is even more than editing at the document level. We do edit your text technically at the document level, but before that, we do more. We concentrate on the science you are writing and help you to present your reseach in a reader-friendly way. 

Our Substantive editing means that we focus on the substance, the scientific content of the article. We help you to develop the whole story of your experiment with the aim to present the research so that the reviewers and editors understand why your article should be published.

We are critical; we search for your mistakes and inconsistencies and help you to correct them. We evaluate the presentation of the results and help with data-analyses and presentation of the results (visual and text).

Many authors think that the hardest task in scientific article writing is to get to know the literature around the subject and keep oneself updated with recent research published. It indeed is a hard task. We evaluate if you references are relevant and help you to find recent and interesting references.

We are like one of the authors who takes part in the intelligent writing of the article.
Article Writing                                                     

We will help you, or provide detailed advice on, with writing up a scientific article when you have a draft of the article written in English or tables and figures.

Publishing Help

We also guide you throughout the publishing process if you require. We can help with the journal author instructions, formatting and submission. We can help you in the communication with journal editors and reviewers with the aim to speed up the publication process. 

Visualization / Data analyses

We can help you to present the data in a reader-friendly way. We can help you analyze the data and visualize the results.


We can help you to notice the points that reviewers and editors commonly criticize. We show you what kind of scientific writing they usually do not wish to see. We show you what is generally thought as good and what should be improved in the presentation of your study.  

Read our advice from this short quide, get tips and improve your article yourself. We give nine points that you can easily check from the manuscript. By following the advice you can improve your scientific manuscript yourself.

You can also order a longer,
Free Practical Guide to Scientific Writing.

The guide aims to give practical advice on how to improve a scientific manuscript. It helps to see some common mistakes in article writing, and correct them. It also helps to understand the expectations of editors and reviewers. 

Substantive Editing / Advanced Editing / Professional Editing / English Editing/ What do they mean?
How can we help PhD students?
How can we help with your doctoral thesis?
What do we do in practice?
Cover letter
Why are the prices high?   

Our service briefly
First (no charge)
A quick evaluation of the article. 
You will receive advice on how to improve your manuscript.
After this step, you can decide if you continue with us.

Second (prices)
1. Advice on how to improve your manuscript.
Major suggestions concerning
- overall presentation of the research,
- content of the article
- structure of the article,
- presentation of the results
- introduction and discussion.
Unlimited rounds of commenting and re-editing according to your preferences.

2. Improving the written language.
- Language editing in ways best suited to the style of scientific journals.
- Full English language check – proofing and good style.

3. Help in finding the right journal for your article.

1. Help with article revision after you receive reviewer feedback.
2. Writing, or help and advice in writing the reviewer response letter.

You can choose the best service for your needs.

Journal cover letter
is included free of charge.

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